Loud Alien Donations!!!

Please help me to keep this blog alive with quality articles and posts so that some people will stop telling me that what I’m doing is worthless!! With very few donations it could help cover at least the fees I pay to keep it up from year to year. It costs about 175$  dollars each year for the plan I have. If I manage to get 6 or 7 donations, I’d be really happy!! I often have to pay to send or receive books. I would be so grateful to have at least  my expenses paid so that I dont have to pay to write posts that are so very good and entertaining!! Also there are so many fees that cost money if you want a flexible website. PLZ help me refresh it with a new platform and help me focus on my work instead of food on the table!! Also I will make sure the products or artwork or books I discuss will be better identifiable and it will be a piece of cake to order in right then and now with Amazon selling platform!!!


Charitable Donations

I will very gladly accept any donations that will alllow me to give more and more time and dedication to Loud Alien Noize! Thank you so much in advance. Your money will really help build a better website that could connect you to Amazon and make the sending of a book I just reviewed so much easier!!!