Steel Dreams Are Made of These..


It’s the arrival of a new era, a new kind of human being, a new power, a new sen­sa­tion… a sur­re­al­is­tic vir­tual world in which men and women are equally physically adapted in terms of strength and abilities.  Fan Xiaoyan‘s series of sculptures flesh and metal are combined with an acute severity, exploring the mechanics of penetration with unsettling force. Cyborgs are a metaphor for the technological advancement of the human race and Xiaoyan uses cruder machinery such as saw blades, engine rotors and piping to convey a more primal, sexual robot humanoid.

Weaponized Cyborg Working Tank Women from Fan Xiaoyan
Weaponized Cyborg Working Tank Women from Fan Xiaoyan
Cyborg Working Women from Fan Xiaoyan
Weaponized Cyborg Working Women from Fan Xiaoyan
Weaponized Cyborg Women from Fan Xiaoyan

Weaponized Cyborg-Women from Fan Xiaoyan

Cyborg Nannies from Fan Xiaoyan
Steel Naked
She, who reads blindly, shouldn't have read,2010,Stainless steel and brass
She, who reads blindly, shouldn’t have read,2010,Stainless steel and brass
T he Winding Earthly
The Winding Earthly
Maison Blanche/Coquillage


A Mere Legend
I Still Believe


  1. I am curious if these are mannequins (based on the skin) or not (based on the faces)…? *takes another look* Okay, they are mannequins *whew!*

    Fascinating good art. Though I fail to see much where gender equality is reflected in them. Then again, art is subjective and it’s the way she interprets this in her works. Perhaps she sees machines as representations of the male species. The “…arrival of a new era, a new kind of human being” part, I do get.

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    1. Yes I think she means that mutants have no sex… But I agree they really do seem like women to me still.. I guess she meant on a military level?? Beats me but I always liked mutants… Cyber sci-fi stuff…


    2. They are women because she wants to show that there should be equality, that women are/will be able to do what men can. The machines are representations of the men in some level, I think. Or maybe it would be more apt to say representations of masculinity. I don’t think it has to do with the military level per se, though, but with various levels.

      Personally, I am all for equality (of course!), but I believe that in some aspects, there are things that men can do that women can’t and vice-versa.

      For the former, I can’t think of anything specific right now, so perhaps it has to do more with individual capacity and maybe physical strength as generally, men are physically stronger. I say “generally” because there are times that a woman can beat a guy’s hiney 😉 For the latter, well, giving birth is obviously not meant for the guys (excluding those crazy reported cases of men getting pregnant…I am thinking maybe they were hermaphrodites and actually had/have developed wombs).

      I just think that gender equality is all about being given the same opportunities and privileges, regardless of sex and gender preference.

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    1. I know.. She must mean on a military level!! beats me!!! But it seems there’s all the traditionnal amsculine stuff typojobs here…Shovels, mechanic, army… Masculine stereotypical jobs…


    2. Well,,seems here like there ouldn’t be men and women..these androids would be both at the same time…. Big question… Some would be chosen to carry the babies?? Oh wait…droids don’T carry babies…


    1. Unless we invent some machine that can hit the heys and another one to press the keys of the machine that’s pressing the keys for us… Just joking….Who knows what the fututre holds… A transporter?? That would be the colest..No more traffic jams!


    2. Ive heard of this. Its pretty interesting but i cant help thinking that itll malfunction and different body parts of a person will appear in difference places or something…just a little cynical paranoia for you

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    3. Not cynical at all! It’s the first thought that came to my mind!! What if they forget my testicules!! They could get stuck on the next person!! Hopefully it would be a guy too!!


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