Electrik Emotions

Jimi Hendrix by Moebius 1966


”I can’t explain myself like ”this” or ”that” sometimes, ’cause, you know, it just doesn’t come out like that.”-Jimi Hendrix

A few images of Jimi Hendrix done in France by the creator (after the great Jack Kirby) of Silver Surfer, the famous French artist Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius, imagining Hendrix in some imaginary world that never cease to glorify an epic vision incoming from a cosmic infinite magical universe….  All this taking place in 1966, a timewhen Hendrix was virtually unkown… Very few people know that Hendrix first major gig was in France when Chas Chandler, ex Animals and now Hendrix manager got the freshly put together band ”The Jimi Hendrix Experience” to headline for Johnny Hallyday. So it was on the 13th of October 1966 in Evreux, France that Hendrix played his first major gig. The show in Nancy on the 14th of October 1966 is immortalised on film (yesss!) by Swiss director Claude Goretta in which you can see the 2 rockers blowing smoke rings in a restaurant. This was the birth of a myth only witnessed and rendered by two wise visionaries who inmmediately sensed the brilliant talent of a rising star guitarist that would soon become a legend. Of course Jimi came back to play the Olympia in 1967 and when he returned once more in 1968, he was not a stranger anymore… 









Emotions Electriques started when French journalist  Jean-Noël Coghe who followed Hendrix while he was travelling incognito in France in 1966-67. Moebius who was very inpsired by the pictures taken by Coghe of this unkown guitar player who seemed to be back then like some kind of visitor from outerspace. Both the artist and the journalist had forseen the glory of starry eyed, timeless guitar player JIMI HENDRIX. The images before are some of the drawings done by Jean Giraud (aka Moebius), inspired by the photos taken by Coghe.  ÉDITEUR : CASTOR ASTRAL/ISBN : 9782859203863


18 thoughts on “Electrik Emotions

    1. Kill ty so much Janet!! Glad you enjoyed this!! Isn’t this a total feast for the eye!! Moebius and Druillet are truly great artists when it comes to graphic novels and comic books… I slightlyu prefer Druiller because his love of details are totally sick but still.. BTW I also made a post about Druillet, well 2 in fact..

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    1. They are indeed! Moebius, Druillet and Caza are my favorite French artists. They created les” Humanoides Associés” and they were the first to publish Bukowski in French amongst others.


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