Art Nouveau/Gaudi


Art Nouveau is an elegant decorative art style characterized by intricate patterns of curving lines. Art Nouveau remained popular until around the time of World War I, and was ultimately replaced by the Art Deco style. I chose to make a post about it because so many people do not even know about it, even though it has touched so many aspects of people’s everyday lifes by changing the architecture, the deocrative arts and furniture, jewels, lamps and other accessories and even public advertisment such as the famous ”Metropolitain” signs in Paris, indicating where the subways entrances/exit were in the City of Lights. So I have decided to show you some aspects of it or I should rather say, every aspects of it, little by little. I will start by the architecture whoo was without any questions in my personal opinion most definitely marked by Gaudi and the incredible achievements he has created in Spain and that are totally out of this world. The buldings show here are not all by Gaudi btw. Some of them I do not know but you must know that the Art Nouveau was foremost inspired by nature and the vegetal aspects of it as well as insects… Therefore it tends to be very asymetrical…Buildings like this would cost a fortune today… They are not simply buidlings, they are truly a work of art. I will start with Gaudi and the cathedral he created called Sagrada Familia in Barcelonia, Spain

So I will just leave it all for your eyes only. I do hope you will like it as I do.

 Sagrada Familia

La Casa Batllo

Gaudi’s Complete Story and Achievements

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