Art Nouveau III

A Way of Life and a Philosophy/The Accessories and Jewellery

As promised here are some nice piece of jewellery or accessories that are considered to be Art Nouveau.

1-28 (1)       NouveauPliqueNeck2 (1)           DSCN3191               3182           1325614091814603 070             413-10066_diamond_and_pearl_fairy_brooch_masriera_marshall_pierce_chicago     51f4ab846fc9975789dcc90e9bc423a7 0701v01   150193-004-472D11D4 J401.1L     lalique4                       Lluis-Masriera-Roses-5                 Lot-410-Art-Nouveau-Gold-Plique-a-Jour-Enamel-Diamond-and-Pearl-Pendant-France1                   il_340x270.277504093 il_fullxfull.331195153 il_fullxfull.331242071_original il_fullxfull.331378520_original                 art_nouveau_mucha_fall_spats_by_maidestreasuries-d482v3x

Now I hope you enjoyed looking at all these wonderful wonders from or directly inspired by the Art Nouveau Era.  If you do have some stuff that are considered Art Nouveau I would be ( as all the readers) very interested to see them. Now some of this are also considered Steam Punk or Art Deco or Egyptian… It’s all in the viewers’ eye but I really tried to really focus on Art Nouveau direct influences. Many of those are directly from that era.

     Here’s a little clips on the subject to close the subject. I do like to think that I managed to make you share my love for the beauty of that Art and way of life that in my opinion is too often overlooked. Few people will know what you are talking about when you say Art Nouveau. You are now amongst those who know and ( I hope) also love what was once a way of life for those who were rich enough to afford it.

14 thoughts on “Art Nouveau III

    1. Some of them are not from this era I think some of these are still being made… TY I like them to a lot!! I like everything about Art Nouveau, the accessories, the architecture, furniture, everything!

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    2. Art Deco is what followed right after my favorite style! Art Nouveau (as you already know!) It can be pretty rad when done in a fresh way! I love Art Deco as well!! I knew some really kool bars where I used to hang out that were Art Deco! It was a big thing here..that and Kitsch!

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