Iggy Pop and The Stooges


Absolutely, Definitely RAW!

As Iggy Pop and The Stooges are my all time favorite group and the best show I have ever seen I really felt I had to post more about them even if I already did in the one called Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell and in A Shaded view on Fashion20140926033300-THE_SANDMAN_POSTER but I still thought it was unsatisfactory of my appreciation considering how I feel about The Stooges so I thought the best thing I could do was to hook you guys up on this article written by James Marshall in pleasekillme.com that is really complete and interesting. I also included a few clips that I thought you might enjoy as well. It is really important to me to pass the word that punk wasn’t born with the Sex Pistols in the UK as so many people think… Not that it matters so much but it’s always nice to have all the facts… I mostly wanted you to be aware if you are not already, of the immense contribution that Iggy and The Stooges has brought not only to Punk Rock but to music in general… So …just keep in mind to click on images to read the articles I have chosen to be amongst so many I have read and have fun looking through some footage I have chosen as well while we all wait for the movie Sandman by Dario Argento in which Iggy will play the main character… So I hope you enjoy these chosen samples of what Iggy and The Stooges have in store for their fans. I also cease the occasion to say how proud I am today that The Stooges finally got the recognition they so hardly fought for and paid such a high price to finally reach. Not only is it amazing that Iggy is still alive and well but he is more than ever involved in amazingly interesting projects involving artists from various medias. I’m now reading ”Open Up and Bleed” which is one of the best bio written on Iggy so far (so far is very relevant here because so many have decided to take on the challenge of writing a new one!) so make sure you listen good to his last album Post-Pop Depression, watch Jim Jarmusch latest documentary and so forth!! Long Live Iggy and maybe ”Every Fucking Bum Should Wear a Crown” but I say Iggy should be first in line! stoogesheader




Click for interview
Ron Ashton in his Nazi suit!!Ron Ashton in his Nazi suit by Jenny Lens MFA




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