Wild Cards – CYBERPUNK

The Origins


Now remember this is just some unsorted links related in some way to the roots of what was to become cyberpunk. Motorhead was the first band to reunite punks and headbangers. The term heavy metal‘ first appears in print in William Burroughs’ 1962 novel The Soft Machine. His character Uranian Willy is described as “the Heavy Metal Kid”. Burroughs later re-used the term in his 1964 novel Nova Express:

“With their diseases and orgasm drugs and their sexless parasite life forms – Heavy Metal People of Uranus wrapped in cool blue mist of vaporized bank notes – And the Insect People of Minraud with metal music.”

The term ‘heavy metal’ was used in a musical context in the title of a 1967 album by the British avant-garde outfit Hapshash and the Coloured Coat – Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids. The title wasn’t applied to a particular musical style and appears to have been a reference to the ‘kids’ in Burroughs’ novel, a novel that one would most likely classify as a sci-fi book. So I can assume that the roots of cyberpunk were bound to come from heavy metal, heavy metal that would refer to some kind of Apocalypse or some kind of world existing in the Aftermath instead of the usual satanic inspiration which is precisely what Voivod was about to do. Maybe not for the first time but they were most certainly the first to make it their main theme for every album. I have very much respect for a band like Voivod who have created their very own style. Sci-Fi Tribe themes, progressive heavy-metal music, a band that was very respected by all, some people might remember that Jason Newstead left Metallica to join Voivod. Away, Piggy, Blacky and Snake were the real pioneers of cyberpunk, even though a lot of people never heard about them and most young heavy metal fans never heard about them nor care about them. I have also thrown on here some graphic novel artists who made sci-fi more than just sci-fi and turn it into what we would call today cyberpunk. This post is just that, unsorted links and hints of what I think is related in one way or another to the roots of cyberpunk, wild cards thrown at you so that you can do your own research on the subject and you may come up with entirely different stuff that are related to the birth of the underground culture of cyberpunk. You are more than welcome to post those in your comments. I know very well some books are very much responsable for the birth of cyberpunk. I just chose more lively sources. I also know that what people call cyber punk music have little to do with the music I posted but yet it still has everything to do with it since it was the birth of an idea that would follow its own path and transform and adapt but never died. I hope you enjoy flipping to this deck of wild cards. There will be more to come on other subjects and maybe some more on the same subject…

voivod ouf

VOIVOD – Kluskap O’ Kom

VOIVOD – Tribal Convictions


VOIVOD – Target Earth



Motorhead – The Game

Motörhead – Brave New World

Motorhead – Orgasmatron


Lobo. Banned from Heaven and Hell.

Hard Boiled

by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow


Druillet – 


tumblr_md0t2d64P21rv3qdso1_500tumblr_lsnrfgCo9A1qbluruo1_12801 tumblr_ntqlydHZil1sp0c5uo1_1280

Blade Runner – Ridley Scott

Enki Bilal – Immortal

New York City, year 2095. A floating pyramid has emerged in the skies above Manhattan, inhabited by ancient Egyptian Gods. They have cast judgement down upon Horus (a falcon headed god), one of their own. With only seven days to preserve his immortality, he must find a human host body to inhabit, and search for a mate. In the city below, a beautiful young woman, Jill, with blue hair, blue tears and a power even unknown to her, wanders the city in search of her identity aided by a doctor who is fascinated by this mystery of nature. Reality in this world has a whole new meaning as bodies, voices and memories converge with Gods, mutants, mortals and extra terrestrials. Stunning visual effects meld with the poetic surrealism of comic-book creator Enki Bilal’s fantastic epic story. A ground-breaking step into the future of film-making.

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