Wild Cards – Nummer II

International Diplomacy, The Interview, Propaganda, Kim Jong-un, Vice and Group Love!


Ok let’s start with the root of all evil!! Here are some good moments from the new Seth Rogen (very funny) comedy ”The Interview”…

Of course this didn’t bode very well with the young North Korea leader Kim Jung-un and it wasn’t long before North Korea calls new Seth Rogen film an ”act of war”

Now of course Obama came to the rescue!!


Now let’s see what North Korea thinks of what’s happening over here in North America and more precisely their sworn ennemies which would be of course The United States of America. Now if you listen to this film made in North Korea you have to admit that they most definitely score some points here… Just listen to it with an open mind ok?

OK now just for your pleasure you have to check this documentary done by the guys from Vice, it is utterly interesting!!! Tragically funny?

Feels like all the threats already existing weren’t enough an already Kim Jung-un is jealous of all the attention Ben Ladden and the likes have gotten but for sure North Korea is nothing like a little ant that can easily be crushed. They do have nuclear weapons and cutting edge military equipment… Definitely a Wild Card in the international diplomacy….

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10,000 Copies of ‘The Interview’ Will Be Ballooned Into North Korea

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