Black Flag

Raymond Pettibon/The Art of 


A documentary looks at the creation of one of the most tattooed logo in punk rock and the artist behind Black Flag: Raymond Pettibon

Created and directed by rock archivist Bryan Ray Turcotte with photographer Bo Bushnell, the first instalment of ‘The Art of Punk’ begins with Black Flag founding members Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski, who talk about what the scene was like in 1976 when the band formed.  blackflag-flyer

Also interviewed is Raymond Pettibon, who not only created the band’s artwork, flyers and iconic four bars logo, but even came up with their name. He has since gone on to international acclaim, earning several awards and exhibiting in major galleries and museums.

Two other musicians then discuss the impact of Black Flag’s music and art on their own lives – Henry Rollins, who became the band’s singer in 1981, and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, who can currently been seen rehearsing with Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace supergroup.

This documentary will take you back right to the beginning of Black Flag and you will definitely enjoy the ride as you get to discover the dark humour of Ray Pettibon who gave Black Flag the perfect edge they needed to be taken seriously and would never miss a chance to break any taboo that would come across. Not only did his flyers sure did bring people up, it also got them in serious troubles with those who thought that this wasn’t funny at all!!


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