Yolandi Visser

Yolandi Visser robot BY KRAJDENDESIGN
Yolandi Visser robot BY KRAJDENDESIGN


We see here Yolandi Visser completely undertaking her role as ”Mumma” as it is required in the movie ”Chappie”. This was filmed way back though when Yolandi was pregnant with her little beloved daughter Sixteen Jones.

Sixteen Jones
Sixteen Jones

I think Die Antwoord has to be understood from a second degree so I’m not a huge fan of the movie as such, it’s only entertaining. These guys are something more… That’s why I wanted to propose something very different. Hope you will all enjoy




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11 thoughts on “Yolandi Visser”

    1. The movie wasn’t that good. I just like this video and Yolandi Visser. This was filmed while she was really pregnent with her daughter, Sixteen Jones. The father is the guy in the movie that’s Yolandi’s boyfriend. Die Atntwoord is sort of a parody and if you take them seriously when you listen to their hip hop stuff…. It’s sorta not what they expected, even if it’s how they seem to be happening… These guys like stuff like Aphex Twins and made very sophisticated music under different names with various people… I like the idea of Die Antwoord, so I like to watch he film even though its still also very sarcastic and has to be taken to a second degree…. That is why I am showing this clip that I find astonsishly beautiful.


    2. LOL….THIS was the reply I was talking about. I just realized why when I entered my second comment — my comment was awaiting moderation! I think I wasn’t used to it because I think you didn’t use to moderate….Anyhoo, first, I noticed in the credits that they used their real names (well, screen names, maybe), am I correct? Second, kindly explain how this actually helped her prepare for her role, other than her becoming a mother soon.

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    3. It was a joke. She didnt’t even know she was about to make this movie when she shot this clip. I was just playing with the fact that she is very maternal in ”Chappie.”


    4. Yes I told you I had to do that becausew of the SPAMS I was getting!! Its so unfortunate! But you can understand I have to! I didn’t have to use to but I got so much of them… I just had to.


    5. HAHAHA!! Yes I forgot!! Sowwy?? I saw American Hustle for the second time, It’s such a good movie and no blood at all in this movie. The actors are amazing and thes story and the set up..I really loved watching it, even if it was the second time. Jennifer Lawrence (the girl who plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games), Christan Bale and all the actors are so good!! I really loved it. Anyways… If you ever hapen tohave a chance to see it, I thought it was very funny!!


  1. Yes you did!! 🙂 Did you see this thing that people have like cussing a little kawai things!! Japan Overthrown by the Haters Rebels hiding in the hostile jungle of the internet! ;P


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