Rebel Rebel!!

There is No Authority But Yourself!

We are stuck between a rock and a very hard place and our leaders do not seem to care nor want us to realise how critical the current situation is. Humankind should be living as one big family on one organism, the Earth. Sadly man is embroiled in a war with himself. The CEOs, the lobbyist, the people in charge of the economy, the ones owning authority at the highest levels must be blind or if they aren’t, then are deliberately turning a blind eye on what’s important right now. They are too busy building their own little Xanadu and they couldn’t care less and wouldn’t give a shit if we all die.

Painting by Masakatsu
Painting by Masakatsu

Unfortunately the vast majority of humans living on this Earth hasn’t realised this blatant reality. What we see on the headlines right now are mostly about the war against Isis, Russia or more recently, Venezuela.  What should be our primary concern right now is that we are facing the most severe environmental crisis in the history of this planet. Deforestation is at a rate of thirty-six football fields per MINUTE! Floating Trash Island the size of Texas across the Pacific, half the world’s species have been wiped out in the last 40 years because of habitat loss and pollution. In just 30 years climate change has already caused a tripling of natural disasters that will reach a tipping point by the year 2020.

Mischa McLachlan
Mischa McLachlan

What are our leaders doing about it? First of all you must abandon thoughts like: Governments represent us and fight for our needs. OK..The Pentagon is the biggest public institution in the world but did you know that the said Pentagon is exempt from all international climate treaties? The radicalism used speaks for itself and the disinformation has reached such a point of absurdity that the Department of Environmental Protection of Florida has banned the terms ”Climate change” and ”environment sustainability” from all reports and e-mails. This is what we should be hearing about but a government that is overridden by economics concerns would never even dare to displease its main sponsors. That goes without saying. It has been seen over and over again, big oil companies funding an environmental company saying that the planet heating is a human wrongdoing is a scam. As for fighting for our rights I would rather say they keep people fighting because  it brings them more money. Fuck the dead!! We’re insured!!

They pay some guy who pretends to be a scientist, or is sometime one for real to say whatever they want him to say that comes in contradiction with the truth and it doesn’t really matter what he says, it just plants the seeds of a doubt. This works even better when there are never proofs of anything, when it’s a matter of a way of thinking or ideas but let’s get back to the subject here.

Illustration by Mark Gmehling

You know I wasn’t fully aware of a lot of things before the first of the latest economic crashes. I started to want to be more informed about how the economy works, what happened in 1929 when the economy had its first big crash? What was done about it? I didn’t follow a course at the Uni or anything like that but I watched some acclaimed documentaries and read some established facts about past events and posts and listened to personal advises, etc. The only result I could get to is very simple. Economy is made to be seen as  complicated so that you do not see what a scam it is. It has been for a long time in fact (a precise date would be hard to determined) but as long as the middle class is healthy, people never had too much problems, and I think it’s a pretty good way to see things.

Crushed, by Tobe Damit, New-York, Summer of 1987

After the Crash in 1929, Franklin Delano Roosevelt put in place a few very simple but effective down to the ground rules that made sure it would never happen again. Never the less, ever since then, a coalition of people who had economic powers such as bankers and CEOs and such began to take down those measures one by one even if some well advised, competent economic observers were crying wolf, it didn’t stop them and it took them years and years before everything was set. It went down perfectly. Maybe it ended before but everything was already in place. They knew what hey were doing and when it was time to pay, they held hostage a government (the government of the United Sates) and made people like you to pay for it while they pocketed the money by billions, swallowed their rivals and got the most strategic jobs in the government, economically wise. So the solution here is quite obvious, let’s get back to the good old New Deal, so brilliantly proposed by Roosevelt so that the economy stop doing those crashes that touches precisely those middle class people who have bought a house and so forth…. But the cut is a lot deeper than that… In my opinion, we should remove money from the equation. Built our  new society based on something else than money. It would be about time, if you ask me.

coka cola

The middle class is disappearing and the CEOs and the elite are the big bosses now and they don’t care about what people say. They have benefitted from the experience in the 60’s and the 70’s and now they don’t have a bit if a shame to use armed forces at the first sign of discontent from the people, to any people, they make no discrimination based on sex, religion or color. Actually that’s not true, they will more likely target you if you are poor, too old or too young and black. They even tried to have the army implicated in civil matters but they were a few unforgivable mess done and  for some reason the ”private army” concept was considered too radical yet. and anyways, there was a much easier way to do the job. They simply armed the Police with the best protection and/or ammunition the army could provide them and painted it with the words POLICE on it. Simple. They are not scared of you. They have the means to make us shut up and they did during the Maple Spring in Montreal in 2012. I saw it. I also saw it at G8 summits around the world and many, many, other instances.

PHOTO IVANOH DEMERS , LA PRESSE , Friday the 9th of August 2013.
PHOTO IVANOH DEMERS , LA PRESSE , Friday the 9th of August 2013.

So what is there to do against such ruthless, merciless but powerful enemies?? A few years ago I would have told you that with the internet it could have been done. But the disinformation has already spread like a bad infection on the internet and I’m not even mentioning the millions and billions of dollars that have been spent around the world so that nothing that we write is secret anymore. It is a well established fact. Google Prism for a starter or go right to everything Edward Snowden revealed. If you weren’t aware of this I promise you will have a blast or an attack. Depending.

To this point I had already realised something is definitely wrong with our leaders.  Let’s make this simple and clear. We live in a world in which an Elite that is around 1% of the international population holds 50 % of all the wealth in the world. We have 90% of useless votes because we only own 10% of the all the money…Barely making it and the gap is only getting bigger. That is the reality that has been created and that we live in every day. That one doesn’t change, and if it does, it will be only for the worst. Our leaders and our authorities do not represent us at all. They represent those who fond their bank account and their political campaigns. Karl Rove, one of the Senior Advisors of Georges W. Bush said: ”We are an Empire now and when we act we create our own reality and while you’re studying that too judiciously, we will act again, creating other new realities which you can study too  and that’s just how things will sort out. We are history actors and all of you will just be left to study what we do”. And I have to admit he is right.  I know the future is bleak. But there are solutions. We have to face the fact now that things will not be resolved by walks and sit ins, etc..BUT still can help a great deal.I just think the momentum has to be perfect. That’s all.

13th of February 2012, Beginning of the Maple Spring
13th of February 2012, Beginning of the Maple Spring in Montreal

You know, when the Maple Spring came, I thought we were on to something, I thought that people had been feeling the same despair about everything that was going on, This started as a protest by the students for an important raise of the scholar fees but there were similar and spontaneous manifestations too around the world, either to support this one or for different reasons but they all happened simultaneously so I thought we’re back!!! The general disbelief and anger against this implacable heartless, adversary, bullet-proofed by money, totally deaf to our needs and immune against any humanity, generosity and respect.  I was so proud of these kids! They were Heroes! …just for one day.. (figure of speech of course but it was short-lived)… I was surprised by all the anger that was directed towards the peacefully manifesting students, mostly due to the fact that it came from the ‘‘baby-boomers” generation, a generation whom had manifested during the 70’s on countless issues in countless ways. Let me just remind you that the use of deadly force in North America is far from being a new thing. As a matter of fact, on May 4th, 1970, four Kent State University students were killed and nine injured when members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire during a demonstration protesting the Vietnam War. It made me angry to hear those same baby-boomers making threats, spreading rumors about ”a dangerous and violent spoiled youth that had turned into dangerous criminal anarchists” and having no respect or sympathy for those bright young kids, teachers, intellectuals and various defenders of the right to education from all ages and class. Dissing this wonderful movement that had taken place by repeating time and time again all the this disinformation that was spread around at the time and didn’t make sense whatsoever.   

I dutifully noted Anonymous who made their contribution . I really thought it was amazing and had faith that this might caused everyone who was unhappy in their own little corner and finally bring out everything that is wrong in this world and that those 90% of the population would count for once. I also took note that to be able to accomplish anything significant, the participants had to be somehow…. anonymous, at least for a certain time..

I do not pretend to have all the answers. As you have probably noted already my position against those already in a position of authority and leadership is that they have to be replaced, that they do not represent us, live in a different reality, have no idea whatsoever of our realities, are gaining richer and richer as we get poorer and poorer, are ruthless, heartless, etc. Of course there are some good politicians here and there but the GREED seems to be contagious and I have no faith anymore in the treachery of most leaders. Some country have made enormous progress with very little… Cuba  made miracles in his program to train doctors from around the world and in his healthcare program in general. And there are more… I think that every person who can be heard must not only shout it out loud but not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

images (1)
Kim Phúc, the girl in the middle is from a photo taken by Nick Ut after a Napalm Attack. The photo helped changed the view people had on Viet-Nam.


One person has had my attention for quite a while now and I know some of you are going to go yeah yewah..we know… Banksy blah  blah blah… But this guy has a way to be heard, what he says he dead on and he is anonymous. Maybe not for the secret services but to most of us he is. I think it’s people like him that still make a difference; Give us hope and a swift kick in the ass. Question yourself. Question ourselves, our way of life.

We have to find a way to appropriate ourselves our civil right and duties. We would ideally have to find a way to do it in a way that is in accordance to our deepest most primary rules. Because the down to earth people who will make a difference are not heartless. I don’t think it could be done the violent way the French Revolution was done…It is when we try to find a way that you realize how clever and brilliant people like Gandhi are. I do think that one can’t let religion interfere too much with the politics. It never was a good thing because religion is such a personal thing. It always will be. Some people will always use religion to gain power. Having political and spiritual power is a very weird thing in my opinion.

I feel we have discovered we are each a country in some way. We have our own colors, mythology, beliefs, habits, way of dressing and so forth… We are ”branded” but comes a time when you discover that branded means something else and you must not forget you are not alone, yes you are unique but you need someone else in your life or you will die or if you don’t you probably be really sad and unhappy. We must relate and communicate, communicate and communicate some more.

If I get my say in this ideal world I sometimes foresee in people,The leaders in charge would be real examples of what they’re saying, not a good-looking puppet that people get. They should be real. They would be there because their ideas and caring of the people are true. Not because they have more money for their campaign and are backed by this and this company..C’mon..We have totally absolutely lost our basic views on what our kids should inherit as their world. We must take the interest of the people first, even if it means less money on the short run but saves our lives in the long run, I simply cannot understand what led us to such despotism. This new world has to be built around something else than money. We have to take into account the fact that woman and family are the base of the well-being of our civilisation. They should be treated equally for what they do if not more than men. It may sound a little old fashion but it is not. I am totally on par with a lot of what women say nowadays. We also need the women of Islam to stand up. We need all the love a mother has for her children. Our leaders must want what is good for their children, for their people. These are all good intentions but the world is running totally the opposite way right now IT HAS TO STOP. We all know deep inside that something is very wrong. Time is running fast. We must find a way to make the momentum happen. We all know it’s time, let’s all set our watches in synch NOW!… Because first of all, it’s time to kick some serious ass, anyways which way you can but remember that an open mind doesn’t mean you have to crack someone’s skull, do not get me wrong!! We all have our strengths, let’s put them to work at once!

Banksy, Paris

39 thoughts on “Rebel Rebel!!

  1. I totally agree with you!
    I remember when I first discovered all of this and more, I got so angry. I wanted to do something, but obviously we can’t do anything alone. It has to be a collective protest of some sort. Violence will never get us anywhere, though. We will only be met with more violence. People simply need to wake up. Open their eyes, free their minds. But you can’t force that onto someone, I have learned. Back in 2012, when I found all this, I tried to make it known amongst friends and family, and most of them looked at me like I was crazy, insane even. Now they all are seeing what I’ve been telling them for years. As people, like you and me, The Neighborhood, and more; we are in the position in which the more we share, the more minds we open, even if that process is slow. It all leads to the ultimate goal, for everyone to be conscious of the world around them, and the cruelty.
    You wrote this article so eloquently, I wanted to ask if I may reblog it with you permission? ☺️

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    1. Of course!! It is my pleasure it will at least be of some use. I am so baffled with the bashing I got from the group. It was just a muisunderstanbding. I did asked questions and I got either no answers or the wrong ones. So yes!! BY all means publish it. I had vowed to never publish anything political on my blog. Vow I broke solely for the purpose of TAG And I get trashed like I was a spoiled little bad boy… I am so so pissed to have spend 10 hours on this…

      Liked by 2 people

    2. You are very welcome! 😊 and to be honest, I didn’t get the sense that your article conveyed the idea “of every man for himself”. But of course, everything is up for interpretation, and anything written can be misunderstood.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Of course it is not everyman for himself!! How could we do it!! I said we need MOMENTUM…I think that word by itself means that there has to be some kind of synchronism here, how can you be synchronised by yourself??….. I do not know if you were aware that this was suppose to be part of a contribution and I was voted out because..??? I don’t know why precisly TBH. I was simply crushed to see that all of this was done for nothing and I broke one of my cardinal rule to never talk about politics on this blog for… nothing at all. Thank you so much for liking and sharing my article. It is so comforting to see that at least some people get me. Its very nice to say that the world should be like this and like that but the sad truth is that the people that are in position presently are our ennemies and will defend their need for GREED with real bullets if it comes down to this, not only with words. I’m not saying we should use violence but for sure if we want a new world we need to get rid of this Elite that is choking the life out of our hearts in some way and unfortunately time is running out…. I do not know how to turn around the ship but I am definitely looking for that momentum and I will do everything I can to help.


    4. Well like I said, anything that’s written has the potentially to be misunderstood. And sometimes, certain facts get overlooked. But I’m totally on your side. 😊 and yes, we need synchronicity. We are all one entity (that’s what I believe at least). But yeah, I’ve been reading The Neighborhood ever since I joined WordPress. If I’m being REALLY honest, I think so far your contribution was the best. You totally hit the nail in the matter of leadership & authority. But don’t lose faith, whether you believe in religion or not (I don’t). I have seen the way people react, and trust me, we’re heading somewhere. Slowly but surely. I felt the same way for a while, thinking things were getting worse, but it only seems like that because the good things that happen don’t get enough attention. I believe in the concept of ying and yang, and there’s definitely a balance. We just don’t see it. Our minds can’t comprehend the vast, complex world we live in.

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    5. So true… You know I wouldn’t have mind to be frozen but I would have liked to know why when it happened (last night around 2 am after my post was done). I was going to bed and I didn’t want to be frozen because of the time so I posted it on my blog and for this I got accused of wanting to sabotage the whole thing and not acting accordingly to the team and so forth… Holy could the’re be some misunderstanding here???? Anyways seems I just wasn’t bound… I’m so glad you think I nailed it …. The last hours have been very hard on my self-confidence.

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    6. Oh I see. That sucks. Did you even get a chance to explain? And noo… To be honest I didn’t even understand why you had gotten frozen, and the title intrigued me so I went on to read. And I thought it was wonderful. I even posted on TN that I thought your post was well-written, cause I couldn’t comprehend why such a well-written article didn’t count. They went on to tell me that there is something to be sad about teamwork and respect and what not. That’s the reason you got frozen. (I honestly still don’t get it, probably never will). Like I said, I’m on your side. I’ll do my best to give you some exposure so your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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  2. Reblogged this on AyR Galaxy and commented:
    I wouldn’t normally post anything like this here (except on my Tumblr). It is a rather long blog post, but I think it is a post that everyone should read. Wake up. Open your eyes. Free your mind.

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”. ~ Gloria Steinem

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    1. I just re read one of your comment and I do believe you now when you say you think mine was the best contribution so far. TY so much. This just went a long way……. I just wanted to be part of the gang. Really.

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    2. Aw I’m glad. You were gonna make me feel bad lol jk. And from experience, I think it’s best when you try to NOT fit in. You end up actually fitting in when you’re not even trying. Lol. I seriously, and I feel bad for saying this, I lost a little bit of respect for TN. Lol.

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    3. Did too!! Obviously they are not as open minded as I thought they were. Hey its ok. I think I did good and if not well I sure know I did the best I could and that is what matters in the end. I would have never bashed and trashed someone who would have made such a big effort… C’mon…

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    4. I’m re reading all this. I’m proud. Did my best. You really really helped me to get over this day and it’s all definitely in the past now. I just was’t fitting in the group. It would have happened sooned or later. No biggie. Really… It’s just when it hits you at first but now… It’s all good.

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  3. Tobe – I read through the conversation in your comment section earlier, and left my presence with the ‘likes’ and you are right, as a guest of The Neighborhood, you deserve every one of your questions answered, and I will do so, very shortly. But I wanted you to know, The Neighborhood has the best intentions on every move, but shortcomings we do have, as it is very much grassroots and we are human, And regardless of collaborations on shows, or disagreements among peers, it is never the intent for anyone, to suffer a blow in self-confidence, as inspiration is always the intent. But I missed. And for not seeing the emotions behind the words, I am very sorry. I will address everything via The Neighborhood by mid morning tomorrow. You are appreciated very much.

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    1. TY. I doubt very much that a public critic/analysis of my post will solve/justify anything. If you just plan on proving that you were right and I was wrong it will only dig a deeper gap between us. I keep an open mind. Just hoping you are sincere. I do not want to go into an endless argumentation. I am over it. Peace out.


  4. Tobe – Ouch. I deserved that. I have no reason to not be sincere, but I have no control over how my words are perceived. I am glad there was a bridge and some neighbors walked across to Loud Alien Noize. Good for them. No rehash needed.

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    1. If you were sincere you would have made apologies were they would have been seen as much as they were when you bashed me. I hope those neighbors that walked the bridge for a visit won t be seen differently and it will not change the way you interact with them. It really would make me feel that I was right when I felt something was off. I was hoping this would be the beginning but I guess it is definitely THE END.


  5. Very interesting experiment where you get to see if people walk the walk or if they just talk the talk…. 87 people and counting liked the fact that this: was said about my contribution and I am curious to know how many of them actually read my contribution. Just curious..Like I said, I’m ok with being frozen… It’s part of the game but just for the record just let me say I never had this planned from the start. I would never do such a thing. Actually I have been told it is actually quite the opposite…. Apparently I just got casted without me knowing so in the part of the vilain. ”The story within the story was developed for the ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show, and the cast members loved it, even when it was less than favorable. When I read what you wrote, it all hit me at once, and hence the apology for missing that find point, of not explaining the show extends beyond the blogging community. The game, its over, no rehash I that needed. And all the reasons why you thought I invited you in are true. My half sister got voted out of the Reality Show in Round 4 and was so angry at me, she didn’t speak for 3 days. But when I reminded her that getting voted off was part of the game even before she signed on, she pondered then smile and said I remember, and it was over The Neighborhood shows, I treat and deliver as if they are Performance Art.”-Kendall F Person in a email I received on 06/09/2015


    1. Note that on that post from The Neighborhood, there is no link to my post whatsoever so people could not even see for themselves what was said but they all agreed…. Lots of food for thoughts in this little ”experiment”… Let me just remind you the theme was Leadership and Authority… Well, well ,well…..


  6. This is all very nice and you managed to avoid saying you were sorry for trashing my name, not being honest from the get go and abusing your authority. Hats off. Problem is some people actually care what people think about them and I felt really bad, as anyone would. I’m so sorry to say that still doesn’t sit with me well Kendall.


    1. TY so much! I’m over it now but I admit I doubted myself very much and my perception of the blogging community became more defiant. Nobody and nothing is perfect and I know I should never put everyone in the same bag but still, some events are bound to trigger some reactions that are out of our conscious control. I’m paranoid by nature so the fault is partly mine too to have so strongly reacted. Your comment warms up my heart. Ty so much BB Batez! Peace Out to you bro! Have a Divine Week-End!

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    2. I have found comparison to be the source of so much suffering for myself. Also rejection due to comparison disturbs my peace. It’s quite normal in this realm to feel disturbed by non acceptance of others. That is what the middle finger was invented for. A rude mirror. Lol. Have a divine weekend yourself and thank you.

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  7. It’s just a matter of time. Tobe. I was in college when the Kent students were killed. It helped to shut down all of the colleges and open up classrooms to discussions on the state of our country. It was the beginning of the end for our military presence in Vietnam. I was part of sit-ins against Dow Chemical and their use of agent orange. I think the US is going to go through a crisis very soon. Our middle class is dissolving and our government officials are not listening. This is a recipe for disaster.

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    1. I so agree! Especially the dissolving of the middle class!!! NOTHING good can come out of a hard working healthy middle class being thrown in the gutter… I will pray for our leaders and the voters.

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  8. One of my favorite sayings, money equals greed and corruption. Over and over again I see the results. For that reason, it keeps me humble for what I don’t have. We need momentum. But will it be in time to save humanity?

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