T. Casey Brennan

Truth Stranger Than Fiction


Comic Book Writer MK-Ultra Victim JFK Alleged Shooter

To say that the life of T. Casey Brennan is extraordinary would be a huge understatement. Since childhood he was dragged in a series of utterly mysterious, mind-boggling events culminating when Brennan got involuntary DIRECTLY implicated in JFK assassination, being one of the shooters. Brennan himself  is a very well-known writer so I will use various sources and put them together so we can have the whole story. I was fascinated by everything I found and I saw it as imperious to share it with you.

Here is the best introduction I could findYou find the whole story on there too, not just the intro.

”My late mother was paperback author Alice Brennan, and she published numerous gothic novels, one of which, CASTLE MIRAGE, was recently reprinted in the U.K., in Leicester, by a company called Ulverscroft or F.A. Thorpe. My late father, who wrote under the name Bill Brennan, was not as widely published, but did appear in the classic 1940s Street & Smith pulp, LOVE STORY magazine. I had a blueprint for making contacts in the magazine industry, and the process for submitting a professional looking manuscript through them. I was born August 11, 1948, in St. Clair County, in Port Huron, Michigan. In addition to being authors, my late parents were both local school board officials; my dad, using his full name of William James Brennan, served on the St. Clair County Board of Education, and my late mother served as CEO of the Swamp School District, Kenockee Township School District No. 4…this, in the 50s and 60s. When I got in as a Warren comics scripter, I began with the standard E.C. comics motif, which the Warren magazines were intended to imitate, but I soon branched off into work that was more experimental.”

T Casey Brennan told everything that happened via a story called ”Conjurella”. I thought this memo by Brennan himself would make a perfect introduction:



by T. Casey Brennan

Conjurella is true but I want people to think I’m lying.

Basically what happened is this: David Ferrie wanted children to experiment on; turn them into assassins, agents, and the like, same as what they were doing in Asia at the time. He said he didn’t want to pay them because “they’ll think they run it then”. He chose me and Linda (she was firing from another window in the Texas Book Depository Building). Linda’s step-father at that time was my uncle, the late John Goodrich, of Columbus, Ohio. Her mother was my Aunt Bonnie. They lived very poorly, and I remember that there was a lady who lived upstairs we called Mamaganda. As far as I know, Mamaganda was the first person murdered over David Ferrie’s plan to make Linda and me shoot John Kennedy.Another, amazingly, was George Lincoln Rockwell. Here’s why that happened: to explain this thing that they were doing, whatever it was, with laboratories, and rows and rows of children in front of computers with needles sticking in them, they said they were planning a SECRET INVASION OF CUBA. Now, THAT is what Lee thought was happening, and, whatever else you may have heard about him, that is what he was damned well for: invading Cuba. (The stuff they were doing with kids bothered him, however, and THAT was what he told Tippit before his death.) rightist like George Lincoln Rockwell and Major General Edwin Walker were supposed to have some kind of role drumming up support for Beachhead Cuba, among the people who David Ferrie was fooling. Walker wouldn’t help at all, so David Ferrie ordered Lee to shoot AT him (and missed) to scare him. Rockwell must have done something or other because later, when he went to see the  Nation of Islam, he told Malcolm X that I had shot John Kennedy, and even called me by name. Coloring it to fit his own philosophy, he (Rockwell) told Malcolm that “Jew doctors” were creating a plague to kill all the blacks, and had already started infecting babies with it. The “Jew doctor” was Dr. J.H. Earnshaw (a Dutchman) and company; to Rockwell, damned near everybody in the world was a Jew. Anyway, Malcolm X thought it was just a screwball Nazi theory, but THAT’s what got Rockwell killed.

Now. If you want to hear the whole story through the man himself well you most definitely can. The story is utterly interesting and it’s along detailed accounts of TCB’s life as one of David Ferrie’s mice. Just click on the link:

Castle Mirage – The Prelude: Conjurella

by T. Casey Brennan 

From A Moment a Moment of Cerebus:

Prior to JFK’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, Brennan said he would go with his father who would get hypnosis from a Dr. Earnshaw. While they were there, the doctor would drug them with or without their consent, he said.

“I was a docile kid,” Brennan said. “I did what they told me to do.”

Brennan claims that Dr. Earnshaw and David Ferrie, who some conspiracy theorists believe was involved in the JFK assassination, came at him with a needle and injected something into his neck. He was then stuffed in a crate and flown to Dallas. Brennan said he woke up in a storage room. A hood was put over his head and he was forced to fire a shot at the president who was driving by on the street below. Brennan said he didn’t know if the shot connected, but he thinks it ricocheted off the pavement and hit a pedestrian. He was then pushed out-of-the-way and Ferrie continued to shoot. Brennan said they left the storage room and ran into Lee Harvey Oswald on the second floor, pushing a broom. Brennan was 15 years old at the time of the assassination, he said.

Brennan’s name is mentioned in the book Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi, which he carries around with him on he streets of Ann Arbor. Brennan said he would take a polygraph test and testify about his experience, but no one seems to care.

“Nobody wants to know or hear about it,” he said.

Hypothetical Cerebus
Written by T. Casey Brennan, art by Dave Sim
Actor Comics Presents #1 (HERO Initiative ,2006)
In 2006, Brennan wrote more about the JFK assassination in his comic Hypothetical Cerebus in Actor Comics Presents. He writes in detail about how he was forced to take a shot at JFK and what his life has been like since that historic event… 
Father, son tortured, robbed

From the Times Herald, 12/4/75

By John F. Brown

An Avoca man and his son, who were beaten and robbed of more that $1,400 then bound and
gagged and set on fire, were left to die in a flame-filled bathroom of their old farmhouse about
midnight Wednesday.
William J. Brennan, 72, of 4238 Bricker Road, and his son, Terrance Casey Brennan, 27,
bound together with a pair of police handcuffs, electrical cord and tape, managed to free
themselves to telephone a Michigan Bell operator for help.
Sheriff Norman D. Meharg said Brennan and his son were admitted to Yale Hospital for
treatment of second- and third-degree burns of their hands and arms and head and facial injuries.
Young Brennan had been stabbed in the head several times by his attackers.

Both men were reported in fair condition today at the hospital.
Meharg said there have been no arrests made and so far there are no suspects. He has assigned
Detectives Robert V. Quain and Donald E. Tuthill to the case.
Meharg said the torture bandit were both white, armed with hand guns and had dark ski masks
over their faces when they forced their way into the Brennan home about 9 p.m.

"One of the thieves knocked on the door and when Mr. Brennan answered he told Brennan he
had ran out of gasoline, then pulled the ski hat over his face, pointed a gun at Brennan and
pushed his way into the house," Meharg said.

"The Bandits used a pair of handcuffs to lock the men together. They set paper on fire and held it
under the hands of the two men. Their hands were baked," Meharg said.

Deputy Sheriffs James VanConant and Orrin Burgett arrived at the scene less than six minutes
after the operator called the Sheriff's Department.
"You could smell burning flesh when you entered the house," VanConant said.
Brennan and his son told the officers their attackers pushed them into the bathroom of the
six-room farmhouse after they had taken the money.

They said sheets and bedding were put around them on the floor and the men poured them on the
floor and the men poured some type of flammable liquid over them.
One of the men tossed a lighted match into the sheets, closed the bathroom door and ran from the

Brennan said he and his son managed to get the rope and cord off their feet and stamped out the
fire with their feet and hands, which were free of the handcuffs. They forced open the door and
stumbled to the telephone.

"My dad thought it was a joke at first. He even tried to brush the gun aside from the man at the
door, but I told him not to," Casey said.
Every room in the house, except the kitchen, was ransacked as the robbers searched the house
for money.

Neighbors of the Brennan's heard nothing, deputies said.

However, VanConant and Burgett said there were footsteps leading from the Brennan home
through freshly fallen snow for about a block to an area where a car had been parked.

The Brennan's were described by their neighbors as quiet people who "bothered no one."
Neighbors said the Brennans had few visitors
Brennan's wife, Mrs. Alice Brennan, was killed in a car accident two years ago in Ohio.
Buy the comic based on TCB true story!
On page 1496 of Vincent Bugliosi’s “Reclaiming History: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy,” Brennan is listed as number 8 on a list of possible JFK shooters.


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    1. Thanks!! I’M so happy you got interested in this guy!! I really like him a lot!! The guy sa a memebr of Mensa!! Son’t be fooled by the cover, the book is very, very interesting!! Plus I love Vampirella and the Eerie and Creepy comics!! This guy is pure magic!


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