The Passer Through Walls


15 thoughts on “The Passer Through Walls

    1. TY so much for your opinion!! I tried to KISS it but still… My main concern for now is on the post themselves now. Some people can’t see the media share icons or the like button. I think i’m in a bad position here. I am from and i bought my name but am still hosted by wordpress so can’t add stuff like I ewould want to do Stuff like the shareaholic apps. I guess its because I come from .com and not .org or I dunno but I see nothing i’m supposed to see if I follow their simple step to step instructions.


    2. I have no clue anything about those stuff. It used to wrk perfectly until a few weeks ago without me changing anything, My share, like, media buttons were gone for the people who were email subscribers and didn’t have a gravatar profile. I’m just doing my best and trying to be interesting but it seems its not enough. I deplore the fact I’m trying to do a better job with it but I just can’t seem to be able to. I just wanted to instal the shareaholic add in and I couldn’t. Would I suppose to be able?? Even if I’m hosted by wordpress??


    3. You bet that as soon is this year subsrciption is finished I will move my page to!! I think most people here shoudl know that it is very important to do so if you want control and flexibility with your blog. I wish I had checked more before I opened an account but I didn’t have a clue. I will keep working on content. Make the best of it… How infortunate i picked a .com instead of a .org wordpress to start with.. No plugins, no control, no nothing!!

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    4. I think I have founbd the source of the rpoblem. My main problem was that my media and share buttons were only available to certain persons. I didn’t have a clue why some could and some others could not. I have found the answer. It resides in my protection from spam. The only people who can see my buttons are the ones who diclose their full identity !!! For example have a gravatar profile or ??. Now if I want to turn this filter off (which I did turn on because their was a lot of spam!! It was unbearable) So I turned it on and now I need to write to wordpress to turn it like it was before. I cannot be reversed just like that. This is kinda baffling… So now if you wanna be ablke to see and uuse my media buttons you have to fully disclose your identity.. Welcome to an era where you have no private life…


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