Blogger Recognition Award

2 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. TY so much!! It seems I’m on a roll right now and God knows I needed it. You always have been there through thick and thin (mostly thick at first!) and YOU should get an award for being the most righteous person., I know. I mean you didn’t even know me and you stood up for me for what you thought was right. I will forever be grateful. You also helped me be more positive and constructive view about life in general. There must be an award for this… I will find one that perfectly suits you and for sure you will have it. For now I will just say thank you so much for this great honor!! I will do the best I can to keep on deserving it for the rest of my kife. TY TY TY!! HUGZ!! You’re one helluva good friend!! I love your posts and they help me so much… All my love to you and your husband and of course a big warm cuddle and a kiss on the cheek of your little one from me!! Don’t forget to tell her it’s from Montreal and it made along trip just to get on this sweet tender little cheek!!! I hope it will bring out some of those irresistible smiles from your mini-me!!!

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