Brian Eno “Baby’s on Fire”

Here Comes the Warm Jets – Brian Eno

Forgotten Rock Classics

Here Come the Warm Jets Here Come the Warm Jets

“Baby’s on Fire”

This song might have the greatest guitar solo ever put down on vinyl. If you were to look at any web posts, magazines or other forms of media about the greatest guitar solo’s ever you will not find this song on any of them. I wish that I could tell you why, maybe because it is not well known. Brian Eno’s style of music doesn’t create such a stir within the music industry. Maybe because his music has always been more advanced then the times. This song has never got the publicity that it desires for it’s guitar solo but maybe it’s time we try to change that.

“Here Come the Warm Jets”, is the debut album by Brian Eno. Produced by Eno himself and released on Island Records in 1974. Eno’s music style has been described as experimental rock, glam…

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