ShirrStone Shelter



Transgen Syren ReBirth
Miniature porcelain twins doll undergone changes.
After the forced surgery has survived only one sister.
Now she is free, healthy …. only sometimes misses his sister.
Recovered hands and sprouted limbs.
Blind Siren became strong young Octowoman …
She survived and enjoy freedom.This is her second birth.

1233170_orig 1861589_orig


The “pupation” is the metamorphosis of insects, the number of intermediate processes that brings the larva to turn into nymph. The caterpillar changes to become chrysalis, hibernation that will give life to the butterfly. The universe is dark but interpreted with multiple eyes: ironic, critical, sensual, naive. You feel the strong presence of drawing contrasting with the world of abstraction, symbolism and surrealism.

912624_orig 6401470_orig 380716629_orig

126347199_orig  2149806_orig
432481266_orig 4666074_orig 332465502_orig 838639863_orig


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