Timothy Cummins

Figurative painter Timothy Cummings has a wild fantasy life and a dark side. He is also one of the few enviable people who has known all of his life what his purpose is, and has been pursuing it like a heat-seeking missile since his childhood.



Timothy Cummings (13)


Timothy Cummings (5)TimothyCummings3
Cummings was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in the comfort of a highly supportive family. From early on, Cummings’ mother actively fostered his individuality and facilitated the realization of his fantasies, whether doing so entailed providing the young Cummings with supplies to support his burgeoning artistic habits, or allowing him to wear a dress and play with dolls instead of playing football.

One Trick Pony Ride
One Trick Pony Ride


Boy With a Pearl Necklace
Boy With a Pearl Necklace

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This is really only a very, very small, incomplete portion of everything Timothy Cummings does, subjectively chosen by me, to introduce him to my readers. Click on his name to see all the galleries and expos and exhibitions , projects and collections, etc. on his home website.


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