Ciudad Juarez

Juarez’s Missing Girls Were Sex Slaves—And Everyone Knew It

Hundreds of women have been murdered or simply disappeared!! 

What happened in the City of Juarez is so surreal, so horrible that no one can’t stand hearing what truly went on there. It’s a little a combination of everything horrible going on the world resulting in a serie of the most horrendous, repugnant crime It’s might be taking place in Juarez but I think we should all feel responsible since it’s everyone’s civil rights that are being shredded into tiny, insignificant pieces.  Since the big corporations can now have plants right on the order side of the border and hire cheap labor, working 24h/24, added to the fact that you can buy in Juarez anything you can think about that is illegal (and more), the nightlife in a city of course regulated by organized crime and mexican cartels that reigns obviously at least a little on both sides of the border, where drugs are sold like candies, the police and all levels of the government are corrupted, some people are getting so rich that they do not know what do do with their time and their money that they truly have no more moral and no sense whatsoever of some limits that are not even put in questions by 95% of humanity. Add to that a severe dose of machismo, that characterise very well this part of Mexico is threatened by the fact that women can now earn a paycheck of their own, while big companies can now very significantly increase their profits since these women are being paid an average of 7 dollars a day.

These are no excuses and if you just have one of those without the other you do not have this storm of horrible rapes and tortures on young women that went on for nearly 2 decades. I have heard understood from the information I gathered that bus drivers were implicated by the independent inquiries led by the FBI as well as gang members, drug dealers, the police, very important people and well-known politicians and/or pillars of the community, judges, macho customs carried on by some macho men. It appears that the guiltiest and meanest of them all have been spared by Justice so far so, since I never can get it out f my head, the least I owe to all those victims (and God knows there are a lot!) is to spread the word about what happened to them, what is still going on as we speak and that seems to be on its way to go on for many more years.

The least I owe the Mexican of Juarez or to any of them who is suffering because of the delinquent people who are so horribly taking advantage of their situation is to make sure I would recognize it if it was to happen anywhere near me and that I can help to make sure it doesn’t happen. This is my statement for Ciudad Juarez and all the people that were affected by it.

Here is a very accurate documentary in English by Lourdes Portillo ‘Senorita Extraviada” 

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