The UNPOP ART Movement was founded in 2003 by Boyd Rice, Brian Clark and Shaun Partridge. Its other members include: Jim Goad, Adam Parfrey, Larry Wessel, Lorin Partridge, Nick Bougas, Beth Love, Gidget Gein and Charles Krafft. It has been described by Brian Clark, the movement’s “Minister of UnPropaganda” as follows: is any form of art, music, writing or film which has as its conceptual basis, the fusion of unpopular, offensive, disturbing or otherwise frowned-upon ideas with Fun, yummy, pop-art sensibilities, aesthetics or techniques. It’s a modernization of the age-old alchemical concept of blending polar opposites; in this case, of combining unpleasant ideas with innocuous pop-culture Fun. Good UNPOP ART should, in theory, be upsetting and Fun at the same time, and – like pop art or corporate advertising – ideally it should operate on a level of emotional immediacy that’s universally understood (most often via symbolism, but not always)… Anti-Cryptofascism-292x300
People who don’t listen to Di6 just love to hate them.-Boyd Rice

The circulation of obscure fascist imagery and themes by a number of neo-folk and goth bands has encountered resistance from anti-fascist fans, who regard it as a form of crypto-fascism. Nazi-Schutzstaffel-Death-Squad-Patches

“Everything You Can Think of Is True, The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon”   


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    1. This is the kind of comments I like because this is precisely what I intend to do. Of course they are subjects that I find interesting for various reasons myself but I also wanted to be different and give infos about all kinds of stuff lots of people didn’t know about. Thank you so much for your comment!! You keep me motivated and it means alot to me nowadays….

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