Justine Tjallinks

Mirrored Emotions

Justine does not consider herself a photographer by definition, but an image-maker carefully curating elements to communicate a feeling. Tjallinks tries to mirror her own emotions in her work. She calls herself “an image-maker carefully curating elements to communicate a feeling.”

47 Chromosomes





It’s amazing how a mother-to-be today can determine if her unborn child has 47 chromosomes — an indicator of Down syndrome. Thanks to science and cautious parents-to-be, fewer children are being born with the condition. When I learned this, I couldn’t help but wonder; could there be no one left with Down syndrome in our near future? No one wants their child to go through life having to cope with a perceived handicap, but when it happens, the parent can’t imagine living without their child regardless of circumstance. This idea inspired me to create portraits of young children with Down Syndrome. To visualize their emotions, unique personality and also to emphasize just how beautiful they are.

Take a look at Justine Tjallinks impressive works HERE.

Just a few other pictures I picked for you:

NUDE (Reach)
NUDE (Strenght)
NUDE (Introspect)
Nude (Frail)
Nude (Frail)
NUDE (Gust)
NUDE (Gust)
The Outsiders
THE OUTSIDERS (Soldier’s March)


About Little Sue
About Little Sue
SILK (Metamorphosis)
The Siblings (Independence)

7 thoughts on “Justine Tjallinks

  1. I love her art!!! Beautiful…although I still sense a lot of sadness in them, I dunno. Meanwhile, I haven’t checked her site much yet, but could you have mixed up the titles “About Little Sue” and “The Siblings”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ”About Litte Sue” is one of the pics in a serie called ”The Siblings” !! Its rather complicated how she organised her stuff. Plus sometimes they have different titles depending on where you find the photos!! I would have posted more but the way the series and the titles are organized it is rather complicated. That is why I have kept it the simplest possible!! If you check out her website you will understand what I mean lo!! TY for noticing though!! HUGZ my friend!


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