Spooky Crime Scene Shots 

New-York City 1920’s

Homicide #1732 PTL. John Flood July 3, 1917
Homicide #1732 PTL. John Flood July 3, 1917

If you enjoyed the Weegee exhibit at the International Center for Photography you’ll probably like gawking at these grisly (and we MEAN grisly: some are 100% NSFWcrime scene photos that we found in the city’s municipal archives.

Most of the pictures in the archive have little backstory, and the captions have been reprinted verbatim. One constant in many of these pictures is the police tripod that gets the overhead shots. Don’t you just miss the days when most people seemed to get murdered in bed? If this is all too much for you, check out these old photos of places people used to eat at—if you haven’t spoiled your appetite.

5 thoughts on “Spooky Crime Scene Shots 

    1. So different then what we see in movies. Reality is always more …”gripping” than fiction… My daughter found her uncle who had hung himself. I can hardly imagine the visions she has to go through in her sleep and even while she is awake. Poor little thing.. If only I would have gotten there first…

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  1. That’s an horrific thing for anyone to witness…. bless her heart. I found my (twin) brother after he took his life with a shotgun, and the is no memory as vivid to me as that memory, and it’s been over 8 years.
    Hanging victims are especially grotesque, at least sometimes.
    With as much killing and violence in general on TV and in movies, they never have really tried to make any of them seem… genuine. People see Ted Bundy, girls are still charmed by him. But if they saw the state of the bodies, what he’d done to the beauty of those women, to the dignity of them….
    Everything else in films is so realistic, yet when it comes to death, they put a pretty face on it. I can’t think of a good reason that’s so; kids grow up thinking they just hold their chest and lie down. No… god no.

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  2. I hear you loud and clear. I am not apathetic to death. I found a friend who died alone in his appartment. He had been lying there for at least 3 days. Plus another one of my friend who died from an overdose. My daughter found her uncle who had hanged himself. She was 10 years old. He was 26. A young life lost and another one scared for life. Ill Fated, Bad Karma? Tragic. No words. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that death is just an illusion… I Buried my father 2 weeks ago and I strongly believe that our souls travel. All that to say that I’m NOT insensitive to those who are on those pictures BUT I also do think that it’s not a bad thing to stare at Death right in the face. It makes you realise how urgent it is to realise that every minute that goes by is an opportunity to turn your life around and make things right and be all that you can be.


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