Perverse Portraits

Tokyo People Photographed in their Bathtubs


For his series Couple Jam, Tokyo-based Photographer Hal visited underground Tokyo bars in the Red Light District.

These hidden places in Shibuya and Kabukicho, were more than influential for the photographer, as there he often finds models to pose for his perverse but interesting photographs. From strippers to businessmen, Hal invites whoever wants to take part in his projects, as long as they’re willing to share their tight set with a fellow model.


This type of work, that interferes with the models’ surrounding and inner world by testing their limits, can be perceived as a social event causing a beautiful artistic result, with the photo-shoots taking place in the models bathrooms. “I think of the bathroom as being one of the most private and intimate place in anyone’s home, this provoked a shyness in the models, and created a unique excitement and inspiration in the scene,” explains the photographer.










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