We see here Yolandi Visser completely undertaking her role as ”Mumma” as it is required in the movie ”Chappie”. This was filmed way back though when Yolandi was pregnant with her beloved daughter Sixteen Jones

Sixteen Jones
Sixteen Jones

Die Antwoord , a South African rap group formed in Cape Town in 2008 formed by rappers Watkins Tudor Jones a.k.a Ninja  and Yolandi Visser, and producer God (formerly referred to as DJ Hi-Tek), turned out to be this very strange concept that has to be understood from a very sarcastic second degree. I’m not a huge fan of the movie ”Chappie” as such, it’s entertaining but to me these guys represent something more than what meets the eye… That’s partly why I wanted to propose something very different and experimental that shows another side of what they really are about. Just dig a litte deeper the music done by Watkins Tudor Jones under various names, go past the first degree in their clips, and maybe you will see what I mean… So, here it is for….



5 thoughts on “¥O-LANDI VI$$ER

  1. I wouldn’t have known it was them if I haden’t read your post first. It reminds me of the time Ninja got really pissed off at an interviewer for asking them if their music was “performance art”. This video makes me think the duo know a lot more about fine art than they let on. [I admit to liking the underwater boobs.] It’s was pretty cool, eerie.

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    1. When Jones disbanded Max Normal in early 2002, he and long-time DJ partner Sibot invited Markus Wormstorm and Felix Laband to collaborate on his ambitious The Constructus Corporation project, which resulted in the concept album / graphic novel The Ziggurat, released on 3 June 2002. Something you would defintiley like and that woould give you the full extend of the talent of Ninja aka Watkin Tudor Jones. The Ziggurat… Just the name in itslef tells you its nothing like Die Antwoord which is like to him a mockery of popular rappers. That’s why he got so mad… These guys are taking him seriously… C,mon.. He’s laughing all the way to the bank and he wasn,t even doing it for the money.. Die Atwoord is a sarcastic mockery of these thugs rappers… Which I can’t personnaly stand so I always find it funny when I send a clip to seomone and he answers me that the musicis so bad and that its getting on his merves.. Dude.. Of course it’s a concept but it worked!! So he’s not going to admit it and be hated by the whole rapper community .. Which he his anyways hahaha!! I guess in the end he’s only half joking now and kinda sold out but the intent was something different I guess… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqa8p1xbjds

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    2. There’s also the work Die Antwoord did with the photographer, Roger Ballen, which is sometimes very interesting. I have a half written article about Ballen I hope to finish one day. It sounds like you think Die Antwoord is a parody of sorts. And yet parody can also be serious and good art. Ween was rarely not a parody or self-mockery, but I often think about them as an example of the freedom of expression that comes from attempting to do something bad, or funny, but not explicitly as comedy. I find some of Ween’s ridiculous songs with goofy vocals and stupid lyrics to be fascinatingly creative. One can get into the ingenuity and creativity of parody. I think I’ve watched the FATTY BOOM BOOM video at least 10 times over the years just because it’s so fun.

      That said, it kinda’ seems like Die Antwoord got too successful for their own good, creatively speaking, and now are locked into creating more fodder for their brand, so that what was initially attractive about them has been diluted with excessive production. But that’s just an impression. I don’t follow them or the popular music scene closely at all. I get my music elsewhere.

      I’ll have to check out Ziggurat when I get a chance.

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