Alien Zone

Click the poster, see the trailer.

Vintage cult horror film, 4 short stories with a common thread plot: A man who is having an affair with a married woman is dropped off on the wrong street when going back to his hotel. He takes refuge out of the rain when an old man invites him in. He turns out to be a mortician, who tells him the stories of the people who have wound up in his establishment over the course of four stories.

Alien Zone is far from being a masterpiece but it does have the 70’s charm that I love so much..Back when it was a big thing to have your phone lines cut-off! I like the colors and the average acting… Some of those horror movies are just plain bad but some others have a certain charm to it. I thought this one had it. Like I said if you are not into 70’s movies, just forget it but I always love to see the real deal. Some movies were made to reproduce the 70’s and some did it with some success but it is always cool to get the real deal…

After all ”The Exorcist” never quite met his true match so far. Back when it was released (and those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about should really watch this) they had to rush people to the hospital, this is no joke. My mother was traumatized for months after seeing it and I know for sure that she isn’t the only one from my family that was truly, deeply affected by it, ask your parents or grandparents about it..You will see…  Of course back then, the Bible was taught to students in the very early stages of their youth (starting at least at 6 years old) with the intent to scare the shit out of them with Heaven and Hell, the Seven Deadly Sins and the whole lot, which reached in some deeply instilled fears… By the way make sure you check out ”The Exorcist III” (1990), the true sequel of the first one, same writer (William Peter Blatty), from the book Legion (1983). American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer stated in interviews that he was in the habit of watching the film before hunting and killing his victims because it put him “in the mood”.

Speaking of Jeffrey Dahmer, There was a graphic novel, or rather a graphic memoir,  ”My Friend Dahmer” by artist John “Derf” Backderf about his teenage friendship with Dahmer that turned out to be quite a gem. It was praised by critics. A movie with the same title based on Backderf graphic novel was released this year and I haven’t seen it yet but I will see it as son as I possibly can! 

”The Wizard of Gore” (1970) directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis (also director of Blood Feast-1963)  is another cult horror movie that every  amateur of the genre should see at least once in their lifetime but it’s a totally different ballgame… The 2007 remake of  ”The Wizard of Gore” directed by Jeremy Kasten and starring Kip Pardue, Bijou Phillips, Crispin Glover, Joshua Miller, Brad Dourif (also in The Exorcist III), Jeffrey Combs and (yessss!) the Suicide Girls!!. is totally worthy of the original but of course it lacks the 70’s feel you find in the original released in 1970 but will surely grasp your interest because the plot is really a lot more elaborate than your usual horror movie.

By Tobe Damit

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