Brian Jones Doomed?

”Mick and Keith Had a Vendetta, a Real Vendetta”

Doomed by Mick and Keith?

”Brian was always a perfectionist in the way he was talking, choosing his words. He did want to catch your attention when he was speaking, to captivate you.. Then he had the way he moved, and his hair, which was captivating and I’m sure the Stones fell for it. Keith in a cynical way, maybe. Mick, he fell for it. Brian broke that barrier (when he slept with Mick) and Mick never really forgave him for it. Brian was so far ahead of them you wouldn’t believe it. Here are Mick and Keith trying to learn to be sex objects – they were still schoolboys, and Brian already had two illegitimate children. Also, Brian was the one who was doing the hustling, getting people together and believing it it, I mean really knowing it, unlike Mick, who couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to be an accountant. Brian was saying in the earlier days, ”Look, it’s going to happen!” At the same time he had it in his hands so that he could control it, so he used to control it. And we they found out he was right, that they did make it, instead of appreciating what he did, they resented it. And that’s when Brian’s doom really started. They had a vendetta, Mick and Keith, a real vendetta” – Anita Pallenberg from Keith Richards’ Unauthorised Biography by Victor Bockris, (2002)  p.38.

For a full review of Keith Richards by Victor Bockris plus an interview with the author, just click on the cover of the book below!

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