I’ve been a fan of Vice ever since back when it started as a magazine only. I equally appreciate Viceland and the reason simply is that I feel challenged, surprised and that they really are doing their best. I notice that when I listen to it, certain association of words, quotes and/or dialogues resonate with me. I often keep thinking about a part or a little bit that stays in my head for a while. They treat their audience with a lot of respect and don’t serve them anything that is ”Crap TV”. Sometimes I watch it and I do feel that it’s really the kind of TV I would enjoy to see more often. Not pretentious, not artificial, not taking themselves too seriously, always trying to raise the bar or to keep it at least really up to a certain degree of quality and respecting every aspect of their audience individuality. Vice does it with the most honest, clean, intelligent and relevant programs possible. I think it’s important that we say that we do not get any thrills out of the usual standard TV chanels and if it’s not news, a good movie, anything related to Art or approached with an artistic¬† point of view, well it should definitely be something like Vice. It’s the most honest TV I know without being cheesy.

Vice is a little to TV what Punk was to music. I need that. I need to be stimulated or intelligently entertained. Their self advertising is also really refreshing. I would gladly give them the contract to realise an ad for my business or advertise a service or whatever… These guys are fresh but not sloppy. I just thought I should voice it up since watching TV is now so much part of our life.

Up to 0.49 Song is Hjeme by the Bury Ditches (instrumental vers) and then this is the link to the second song , no one has a title, it seems it’s part of a mixtape by some DJ

7 thoughts on “Vice

    1. Thank you so much! Since television is now so much part of our life and so few companies own so much channels, we’re doomed to be served the same crap by everyone. Finally Vice offers a different perspective and a refreshing way of doing things.


    1. I’m glad I did!!! They are trying so hard to gives us real quality television programs that are unusual and intelligent. Thanks so much for your interest my friemd!


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