A Modern Odyssey

by Lubomir Arsov

Embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West, and with courage face the Shadow. Through Shadow into Light.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”
-C.G. Jung

This film was created with earnest effort, diligence, and sacrifice. It is an urgent call to growth. If you are moved by the content, please SHARE.

Written, Directed & Produced by Lubomir Arsov
Original Soundtrack “Age of Wake” by Starward Projections
Composited by Sheldon Lisoy
Additional Compositing by Hiram Gifford
Art Directed & Edited by Lubomir Arsov

‘IN-SHADOW’ is an entirely independently funded, not-for-profit film. If you’d like to support the artist, DONATE here: (click the ‘donate’ tab)

Gallery quality ART PRINTS available here:

Film Website:
Music Composers:

© Lubomir Arsov 2017


3 thoughts on “IN-SHADOW

  1. Wow! It kept getting better, and was a journey. I didn’t expect it to go all spiritual at the end. Could have done without a few of the clichés (like the phoenix), but, overall really good and interesting.

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    1. I guess they wanted to spark a little hope at the end because it is so dark…. I am used to these type of stuff but the second time I watched it it really got to me and really shocked me. Its pretty cold, I guess that explains the things that were a little more spiritual and positive at the end… I always wonder why positive things are so cliché and tacky!! But they are!! That being said, the tortured artist is also a cliché that I could do without but it seems that maybe anxiety and the imagination it requires stirs up a lot of good art!

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