Hawksaw Ridge (2016)

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)Directed by Mel Gibson and starring Andrew Garfield & Sam Worthington. 

Hacksaw ridge is inspired by the true World War 2 story of Desmond Doss, played here by Andrew Garfield, a so-called “conscientious objector”, who joins the army despite his refusal to carry a weapon and wish to only serve as a medic.  All this is anchored in Doss’ ardent Christian Faith and desire to do no harm.  He eventually manages to get past all the hurdles the military put in his way in the hopes of having him wash out of the service and gets deployed to Okinawa.  What follows are some truly epic battle scenes, shot by none other than Mel Gibson and although one would suspect that the story told here gets embellished somewhat, the impressive bravery put on screen here results in an amazingly well-told narrative.  All in all, this motion picture is entertaining throughout, featuring competently explored themes of conviction, honor and patriotism.  It doesn’t quite reach the epic grandeur of Saving Private Ryan or Dunkirk, perhaps due to its slow, awkward start, but it is nonetheless a very good film.



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