Marcia Resnick

When photographer  Marcia Resnick appears out of nowhere, she’s got on her leather jacket and black hat with a pair of black Wayfarers to keep the moon out of her eyes. When she moves toward the chain the crowd does what Marcia refers to as the ”Red Sea Routine”. Maybe it’s the way she walks or simply mind over matter, but the few who make it happen I count on one hand. Marcia studied at Cal Arts, Cooper Union and New York University. Like me, she was born in Brooklyn, she knows everyone, and we’ve been running around together on and off since I started working on White Street. She’d just moved into  loft at the west end of Canal street far enough out of range, but still within striking distance. Marcia loves to hang out, says the camera makes her feel ”less guilty” about it. even behind a pair of shades, her eye sees everything” –Richard Boch, The Mudd Club, circa 1980


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Beats: Corso, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Orlovsky
Beats: Corso, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Orlovsky (Click image for complete set)

MUSICIANS 1977-1982

Lydia Lunch
Johnny Thunders and Cheetah Chrome
Joey Ramone
Joey Ramone                                                click on  any musician ‘s image for full gallery.
Click to read article in Nightflight: Marcia Resnick’s “Re-visions” predicts “the delicious perversion of a budding adolescence”

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