A delusion starts like any other idea, as an egg. A delusion is an idea and that idea can be contagious. Humans are pattern-seeking animals which means we prefer ideas that fit a pattern. In other words, we don’t believe what we see; we see what we believe. But when we’re stressed or our beliefs are challenged, when we feel threatened, the ideas we have can become irrational, one delusion into another and another, as the human mind struggles to maintain its identity. And when this occurs, what starts as an egg can become a monster.

7 thoughts on “Legion

    1. That’s deep shit right there!! I couldn’t agree more..Everyone is fighting in their own way for what’s their perception of reality…I pondered on the word fight but in the end it’s the right word…There are just a lot of different ways to fight other than actually fight with your fists…So yeah fight is da right word mate! You gatta fight ..for your right to…do whatever you feel is right!!

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