The Paperboy

Click and Play the trailer BUT IMO The trailer is really stupid just watch the movie its amazing.

What a fantastic movie. The photography is incredible, the plot is solid but loose enough so director Lee Daniels can take his time and make you enjoy the ride very as well. Almost surreal as it’s improbable that something like that would happen but you still get into the movie and enjoy it without really caring about anything else, just like the characters you’re all in, 100%, you have nothing to lose and you know it but you’re still going in. Actors ? Zac Efron yes but also Nicole Kidman, Matthew McCanaughey, Macy Gray and John Cusack. The movie is wonderfully directed and everyone pulls their weight, it might seem a little disheveled but it was part of the movies of the 70’s too. I didn’t check if the movie was from the 70’s until the end and it got me. I was sure the movie had been shot that decade. Anyways I’m sure this movie won’t be noticed but it’s really well made. The photography is astounding and all the actors give the performance of a lifetime. The choice of John Cusack is surprising as this obscene crazy guy who is falsely accused of something he didn’t do but could very well have done OR has succumbed to the pressure of the accusations. Don’t miss it mkay? I wanna know if I was just too stone because it really got me like a movie didn’t get me for a long, long time. So please tell me what you think!

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