The Paperboy

Click and Play the trailer BUT IMO The trailer is really stupid and doesn’t do justice to the film so just watch the movie, its amazing.

What a fantastic movie. The photography is incredible, the plot is solid but loose enough so director Lee Daniels can take his time and make you enjoy the ride very as well. Almost surreal as it’s improbable that something like that would happen but you still get into the movie and enjoy it without really caring about anything else, just like the characters you’re all in, 100%, you have everything to lose and you know it but you’re still going in.

Actors? Zac Efron yes but also Nicole Kidman, Matthew McCanaughey, Macy Gray and John Cusack. Not bad. The movie is wonderfully directed and everyone pulls their weight, it might seem a little disheveled but it was how the movies of the 70’s were. I didn’t check if the movie was from the 70’s until the end and it got me. I was sure The Paperboy had been shot during that decade. Anyways I’m sure this movie won’t be noticed but it’s really well made. The photography is astounding and all the actors give the performance of a lifetime. The choice of John Cusack is surprising as this obscene crazy guy who is falsely accused of something he didn’t do but could very well have done OR has succumbed to the pressure of the accusations and just couldn’t be arsed.

Don’t miss it m’kay? I wanna know if I was just too stone because The Paperboy totally got me like a movie didn’t get me for a long, very long time. So please tell me what you think!

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17 thoughts on “The Paperboy

  1. Downloading it right now. I didn’t read your review because I love suspense, and trust your opinion. I’m always on the hunt for a good movie I haven’t seen. I’ll watch it and then come back to see what you’ve written. We might wanna’ compare notes of movies. I can recommend some good ones as well that I’ve seen from the last couple years.

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    1. These are some movies I’ve watched in the last few months, I think. The first two are old movies I just discovered. They were the most unique of this bunch.
      1. Upstream Color (2013): Weird sci-fi with musical collage integrated into it It’s a really weird, experimental film that pushes the boundaries of the medium, especially with the visuals and sounds.
      2. Dogtooth (2009) Greek Film about family where the kids are kept at home and have no contact with outside world… This gave me a lot of insight into how those who control information control society.

      Here are movies from the last couple years I thought were worth watching, in no particular order. These are more standard.
      3. Breath (Australian movie about surfing, based on a book I happened to have read).
      4. Annihilation (psychedelic sci-fi): Some really cool visuals and psychedelic stuff.
      5. Lean on Pete: About a boy going through some tough circumstances, who tries to rescue a horse.
      6. The Rider: Life of a rodeo cowboy after he gets hurt.
      7. Leave No Trace: Dad and daughter who live off the grid.
      8. I-Tonya: About Tanya Harding. Funny and a good drama.
      9. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Surprisingly good. Revenge, etc. Great performance by Frances McDormand of Fargo fame.
      10. Thelma: Weird. Girl has some interesting abilities.
      11. The Florida Project: Really good color usage, and somehow the small venue works.
      12. Loving Vincent: Great use of painting each frame of the movie, and story of Van Gogh’s last days.
      13. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore: Couple young adults and weird shit happening.
      14. Loveless: Dark, I think Russian movie, about a kid who goes missing.
      15. Personal Shopper: Stylish, cool.
      16. Marjorie Prime: About AI and such.

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  2. Holy shit! No, man, you weren’t just stoned. That’s a really good movie! First off, it shocked me at least three times. Didn’t see some of those things coming. Then it got so dark that I thought I might finally be put off by that element, but it rescued itself.

    I think it will make a comeback over time. I just read the Wikipedia entry on it, and, apparently, it was above some people’s heads, mostly because their heads were up their asses. Yeah, some of it was campy, but in the same way a lot of Pulp Fiction was, and deliberately so, nevertheless Pulp Fiction was fresh and really surprised people. This has some of the same appeal.

    I think it may have made people uncomfortable, and, so they were uncomfortable with that, outside their comfort zones, and not knowing where to come down on the movie in terms of tastes and accessibility.

    Here’s the final paragraph of the Wikipedia article: “Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 43%, based on 138 reviews. The site’s consensus states: “Trashy and melodramatic, The Paperboy is enlivened by a strong cast and a steamy, sordid plot, but it’s uneven and often veers into camp.”[14] The staff of The A.V. Club named it the worst film of 2012.[15] The New Yorker film critic Michael Schulman called the film “deliriously tawdry and nonsensical”.[16] ”

    The A.V. Club should resign. They can’t tell the difference between “bad” and “bad-ass”. There’s no way that is a bad film, let along the worst of 2012. Shiiiiiiit. I also don’t get what’s “nonsensical” about it.

    You wrote: “it really got me like a movie didn’t get me for a long, long time.”

    I agree. I kept looking at how much time was left, because I didn’t want it to end. Whatever the shortcomings are, there are so many positive and original elements that they more than make up for it. I like originality. I like vision. This movie has it where so many are derivative.

    By the way, I think I may have recommended this Indian film to you before. Here it is dubbed. Somehow the bad dubbing might actually work well. It’s some crazy shit. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it:

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    1. Wow I can’t believe this film has earned the title of worst film of 2012! It was so refreshing that it was touching all my senses. It disarmed me and then rearmed me again in a little over than an hour. Yes I have seen other brilliant films but this one really hjas something unique. I would definitely give his chance to whoever directed it or is moslty responsible for it. The cameraman for one… Dunno if it was his choice or the choice of the director but those crazy angles and colors are simply spectacular in their own essence. And yes for sure I will check that movie out. Indian from India of course… I love d the one that has the name of a city as title.

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    2. Having slept on it, I think some people might not be able to get over the cheese factor, like the scene where Charlotte and crew visit Hilary in prison, and he has an orgasm. Not really believable that she would act like that, or he would, in that situation. But I don’t care. Part of the appeal of the film was that it was daring.

      I’m also not averse to sensationalism. One of my favorite movies is The Fly (the remake with Gina Davis and Jeff Goldblum), and one of my favorite scenes is when the human-fly barfs on the man. Also Terminator 2, Judgement Day. Part of me likes the exultation of the ridiculous played off with sincerity. It’s like a roller coaster ride. I know I’m not on real transportation, but that’s what allows it to be fun.

      Your right about the visuals. The camera was just loving Nicole Kidman. And yeah, the color of her dresses, lipstick, all that was beautiful.

      Sometimes we don’t like stuff just because it’s not up our alley. I don’t much like Cezanne or Matisse, but so many think they are great. Also can’t quite get into the Stooges.

      Soooo, maybe this kind of film appeals to certain types more than others, and we are just the type that like this sort of thing.

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  3. I have seen Breath too it was featured on Crave and I cuaght it in th emiddle but I want to see it from th ebieginning it was so good. Reminded me a bit of BigSur of course… Both are about Surf but it’s about it!


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