A New Graphic Novel About the V.U.

A new graphic novel has just spun out written and illustrated by Prosperi Bruni called ”Une Histoire du Velvet Underground”. I must admit I was a little scared it would be boring and would simplify and reduce the history of the band too much and in a way it did but its done with a lot of spiritual humor and a dose of sarcasm I couldn’t resist. Maybe sometimes it was too much but it makes the reading so much fun. Maybe some purists will be offended but I think if you have a solid sense of humor it will be all fair and good in the end.

The color treatment is very nspired from the album loaded and pink is the only real color you will see in there and its well used. I think this little book of only around eighty pages will definitely be one that all VU lovers would be happy to have in their collection and show off to people who are not maybe too familiar with the VU and their story. Definitely a graphic novel I will use to reel new VU fans but the problem is to find it funny you sorta have to already know the VU story already or at least each of their personalities and characters. But I,m sure the magic still works even if you are not that familiar with The V.U, complete story. Speaking of complete I would have wanted to hear about The Velvet Underground’s First Public Appearance at a Psychiatrist’s Convention, at the Delmonico Hotel, New York, January 14, 1966. I thought it would have been a great story to tell and I was sad it was completely obliterated from the graphic novel.


The copy I read was in French but I sure hope its going to be translated in English very very soon if it isn’t already. All I can say is that I’m happy to add this to my VU collectibles!

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