Keith Richards Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

Keith Richards Biography Q & A with Author Victor Bockris This is the second part of my review of Keith Richard’s biography by Victor Bockris that was published in 1992 and the first to recognize Richards’s pivotal role in the Stones’ legend. It has been translated in at least 10 langages and published all around the world. […]

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Brian Jones Doomed?

”Mick and Keith Had a Vendetta, a Real Vendetta” ”Brian was always a perfectionist in the way he was talking, choosing his words. He did want to catch your attention when he was speaking, to captivate you.. Then he had the way he moved, and his hair, which was captivating and I’m sure the Stones […]

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The Outrageous Lie (Part 2)

by Tobe Damit Around 1969, Patti became quite involved with the Warhol drag-queen crowd They were part of the same cast in some plays and were all hanging out at Max’s Kansas City, It was around that time that they developed the concept of the Outrageous Lie. The idea was that if you simply lied, […]

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