Book Review — Living in the Chelsea Hotel

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“I loved this place, its shabby elegance, and the history it held so possessively” ~ Patti Smith Living in the Chelsea Hotel by Linda Troeller is a pictorial and written history of the Chelsea Hotel featuring the last few decades. Troeller is a renowned photographer and her art appears…

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Candy Darling

The Best Role She Ever Played Was Her Own Those Chelsea Girls with their Slurpy Names… New Documentary Tries to Solve the Riddle of Andy Warhol’s Candy Darling, by Caroline Hagood.

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This Ain’t No Holiday Inn

Down and Out of the Chelsea Hotel 1980-1995 by James Lough A review by! New York’s Chelsea Hotel has a special place in American culture. It has surely been a home, or a home-away-from-home, to more influential artists than any other building in the nation. To list the famous names in American art and […]

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