The New You?

Are You Being Replaced or Possessed? by Tobe Damit Originally and according to the first tales and stories about doppelgängers, these malevolent doubles (not twins) were creatures that were exact replicas, evil creatures from another dimension whose main goal would be to replace us in this world and all was needed for them to do […]

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Sion Sono Interview

Himizu Format: Cinema Release date: 1 June 2012 Distributor: Third Window Films Director: Sion Sono, Japan Writer: Sion Sono Based on the manga by: Minoru Furuya Cast: Shôta Sometani, Fumi Nikaidô, Tetsu Watanabe Directed by Sion Sono, who brought us Suicide Club (2001), and more recently Cold Fish (2010), Himizu is an urgent and topical film. […]

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